I firstly read about her in the Rolling Stone when they made her album the album of a month,
but I thought that she was absolutely not my cup of tea cause I don't like hip-hop at all.
However her first song I listen to was the one from the clip that I placed below this text. This
was absolutely not what I expected to hear. The music is very unusual for hip-hop and her
voice doesn't sound like one for rap or r'n'b. This clip has viewed many times, about 50 million
views, but the most of viewers disliked it and I can understand why. Some of them didn't like
the lyrics, others didn't like her image. Actually I saw some of her clips and I think I don't
like them so mush as I like this clip. This is an absolutely freaky song and maybe after it
has been shot she thinks she shouldn't have made this clip couse a huge amount ot
viewer hate both the video and song. As for me, I'm not gonna watch her other videos,
cause I think I won't see so much fun as I've seen in this clip. After all, the lyrics make
me laugh every time I hear it.

White Irish Drinkers
I've just seen a movie called "White Irish Drinkers", that was shot by John Gray in 2010.
I really liked this movie not only because of the convincing crew but also of quite
simple and strongly fair story of working class neighborhood of Brooklyn.
In the center of the plot there is an average family of four members: a permanently
drunk father, patient mother, their 18-old younger son and his eldest brother,
trying to enlist him for some criminal affaires such as robbing and stealing.
The junior brother, Brayan, is an artist making paintings in secret and working
as a porter for a local movie theatre, a boss of which is trying to make money
by announcing a concert of The Rolling Stones. The movie is tragic as much as
funny and worth seeng though some critics mistakenly didn't find it much interesting.

I don't know if he is from France or from other country,
but the first video with him that I saw was his show
on French TV. It seemed like all the people in the studio
ware amazed and almost paralized while he was singing a song
called 'Walker'. His style is quite rare for TV of our days.
This is something between ambient and indie-pop that is being
made by one man, who plays the piano or keyboard and sing at the same moment.
One of the reason you have to notice this man is that he always plays
his concerts and emerges in clips wearing a helmet with a red star or
a mask covered with an unbelievable tracery.

(no subject)
There will be the time
When I can't nothing but astonish everyone
Now I'm in slob
I can't explain why
But the truth is not in my words
How sentimental I would be
If I was drunk like you
But wait ...
Can't you remember the eighth rule of a royal bearing?

(no subject)
I'm not the first voice in a choir
And I don't mind
The letter I'm writing for you is not the best one
But don't cry
Even if I die
I will be singing at the edge of the grave
Then I want you to play a melody for me
Because I don't want you'll be dwelling on the past

(no subject)
I was awkward with some people
I was awkward with some girls and guys
It was awkward for me to communicate
So I was awkward with some friends of mine
And just because of that
I was a diary spy

I didn't like to work much
So I hadn't a television
I didn't like reading
Because of lots of misprints there

(Let me have a break, I'm going to look back for some mistakes)

So I'm going on
There is one fact I want you to know
And I'm going not to lie:
Some years ago I was a diary spy

I don't care...
I don't care if I live or die
I don't care if I lough or cry
I don't care if I care or not
I don't care if I who or what
I don't care if I waste or get
I don't care if I just forget
I don't care if it's my new rhyme
I don't care if it's bad or fine
I don't care if it's horrible
I don't care if it's pretty well

Maybe I'm just a little fly hanging on the Internet
getting step by step to the London map
where I would find some chocolate cake
and I don't really care if I sleep or wake
I really don't care
'cause I never mind...


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