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I firstly read about her in the Rolling Stone when they made her album the album of a month,
but I thought that she was absolutely not my cup of tea cause I don't like hip-hop at all.
However her first song I listen to was the one from the clip that I placed below this text. This
was absolutely not what I expected to hear. The music is very unusual for hip-hop and her
voice doesn't sound like one for rap or r'n'b. This clip has viewed many times, about 50 million
views, but the most of viewers disliked it and I can understand why. Some of them didn't like
the lyrics, others didn't like her image. Actually I saw some of her clips and I think I don't
like them so mush as I like this clip. This is an absolutely freaky song and maybe after it
has been shot she thinks she shouldn't have made this clip couse a huge amount ot
viewer hate both the video and song. As for me, I'm not gonna watch her other videos,
cause I think I won't see so much fun as I've seen in this clip. After all, the lyrics make
me laugh every time I hear it.


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